Whatsapp tricks and tips Top 5 – Unknown tips of 2020

whatsapp tricks and tips | Whatsapp tips

Top 5 Unknown whatsapp tricks and tips

Here in this article you can find the whatsapp tricks and tips, In these article we have gave you detailed explanation of Top 5 whatsapp tips and tricks or whatsapp text tricks. Recently whatsapp has launched Group video and voice call that supports up to 8 members. Now we going to see whatsapp features that are unknown to us.

whatsapp tricks and tips | Whatsapp tips


We used to send screenshots of our chat to another. For this we can use this to send
our conversation(Chat)to another person. For this we need to open the person chat
then press setting (Three dots) and then press MORE then EXPORT CHAT. This chat can
be send to any contacts in your phone through many ways


This trick is useful for privacy concerned person. If you enable this setting, when we
receive a message it will not show the name and message. But for this setting we need
to enable Fingerprint Lock. In the finger print setting disable Show content in
notifications and enjoy your privacy.


We upload status nearly everyday or send photos to our near and dear. When you want
to draw on a photo and need a big size draw. For this trick you should select a photo
and tap on draw icon. Then tap and hold on color slide and move cursor right and left
side that changes the cursor size as according to yours need.


We are added to many groups willingly or unwillingly. This groups are flooded with
photos and videos. But many of the photos and videos are useless and consumes data
and internal storage. To stop this open a group and tap on Group info .There we find
Media visibility options. If you disable this you can save from unwanted photos and


We will chat with different persons and pop up notifications are very disturbing.So,this
is very useful trick when you chat with some specific person by customizing popup
notifications.For custom notifications tap on persons details there we find a custom
notifications option then enable it after that enable popup notification of that person.
Then enjoy this feature.

I hope this whatsapp tricks are useful.

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