Rgv Murder movie trailer released 2020

Rgv Murder movie trailer released

The controversial director Rgv  released ‘ Murder ‘ movie trailer on Tuesday at 9 am.

Rgv is the only person who is releasing movies back to back in this lockdown period . Recently he released Power Star movie in Rgv theatre. Now he is ready with another new film ‘Murder’. Today morning Rgv released the Murder movie trailer.

Murder movie story is based on the true life incident Perumalla Pranay murder who married Amrutha of upper caste.

Pranay was murdered by his father-in-law Maruthi Rao . This incident was happened in the year 2018.

Earlier Rgv said that Murder movie is not based on the Amrutha Pranay story. But movie is relvoves around love and emotions between father and daughter.

This trailer runs 2 : 14 minutes. Till now it got 317k views. Director make the audience interesting with his gripping trailer.

Rgv Murder movie trailer:


The director ran the trailer with excellent background score. There is no dialogue in the trailer. Cinematographer Jagdeesh Cheekati took the trailer to the next level.

Acting,backgroundscore,cinematography are the highlights in the trailer.People are appreciating for taking the trailer without a single dialogue. Director combined the trailer with some set of questions.

Srikanth lyengar, Gayatri Bargav , Avancha Sahithi are playing the main roles in the film. Anand Chandra is the director.

Natti Kranthi, Natti karuna are the producers. Music director is D. S. R.

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