How To Check or Find Your IP Address in Ubuntu Linux

How To Check or Find Your IP Address in Ubuntu Linux [Ubuntu Tips].

Do you want to Check or Find Your IP Address in Ubuntu Linux in your Personal Computer or Laptop, Then this article will give you a clear idea on this.

There are three different types or methods to find the IP(Internet Protocol) address in Ubuntu.

  1. Using Terminal with commands.
  2. Through Network connections.
  3. Through settings options in PC(Personal Computer) or laptop.

Method 1:

Checking or Finding IP address through Terminal method.There are four Commands which can be used to find the IP address.


  1. Open terminal in Ubuntu Linux or press CTRL+ ALT + T Shortcut to open.
  2. Then type the following commands in the terminal to view the IP address.

COMMAND: Enter ” ifconfig ” in the command line.  

COMMAND: Enter ip addr show ” in the command line. 

COMMAND: Enterip a” in the command line.

COMMAND: Enter ” hostname -I” in the command line. 

If you find difficult or not comfortable using commands int the terminal.There are two methods which are graphical

Method 2: 


  1. Click on connections which is on the right corner, you will get a window.
  2. Press on Connection information in the window then a pop up is displayed where you can find IP Address in the popup.

Steps through images:




Method 3:


  1. Open Settings from the search as shown in the below image.

2. Click on the Settings then a window will be opened as below image and Press on Network option.

3. Then you will be directed to other window where you can find the IP Address.

4. Note: Make sure the Network is On Mode as shown in image which is Highlighted in Blue colour Box.

Newsflu TIP: You can even find or check your IP address through web search (Internet) there are few websites, which provide your IP(Internet Protocol) when you visit the site.

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